Pepi Loulakaki is a free lance photographer based in Athens where she studied photography.
She has attended seminars on photography from Costa Manos and Nicos Economopoulos both members of the Magnum Photo Agency.

Her stories deal with the encroachment on human rights with emphasis on women, children, immigrants and gypsies and the impact of human activities on the natural environment.

Her personal work includes portraying some of the most influential people in arts and science.

She has covered several assignments in Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, France, Italy, New York, Tunisia, UK, Portugal etc. for magazines in Greece and abroad concerning social, political and cultural issues. She currently works with Kathimerini’s newspaper supplementary Kappa magazine.
She has also photographed album covers for record companies such as Blue Note, Lyra, FM Records and Protasis.


 “Thrace. So close, so far away. The muslim world” Kastaniotis editions
2007  “Freund Schaft” Castrum Peregrini Press, Amsterdam
2006  “On Faces”13th International Month of Photography, Hellenic Centre of Photography
2005  “The artists of ECM” GRANTA publishing, England
2004  “Zoom on Greece: 50 Photographers on Greece” publishing, Heart matters
2001  “The Hot Springs of Greece” travel guide, (second edition 2003) Kastaniotis editions

Photo exhibitions 

2013  Benaki Museum, "Thrace. So close, so far away. The Muslim world"
2012  Photometria photo festival Ioannina, "Thrace"
2012  The Athens House of Photography "Backstage Pass"
2011  Art Athina, represented by The Athens House of Photography Gallery
2010  Taf Gallery The Art Foundation “Who we Are” 
2010  Foebus  “Feel” 
2009  Photovision EFE “Work in 20th to 21st century”
2008  Castrum Peregrini “Freund Schaft”, Amsterdam
2007  Hoxton Gallery “13 portraits of world wide musicians”
2006  FNAC-Forum “The Rogue Music Gallery”
2006  Diana Gallery-Down Town “Photo Booth: Self Portraits” 
2006  Athens International Airport “On Faces” 13th International Month of Photography
2006  French Institute of Athens “Stage On Fire” 13th International Month of Photography
2006  Audio visual electronic photo presentation at “Xenagetis” cultural centre 
2004  Benaki New Museum “Zoom on Greece: 50 Photographers on Greece”
2003  Lazarite Convent, Thessalonica “A gypsy site in Greece”, organised by the Friends of The Melina Merkouri Foundation and the State Theatre of Northern Greece.
1999  Old Red Cross Building, “A Country Doctor in the Nafpaktia Mountains”, accompanied by medical supply conceptual installations. Organised by the general secretary of the new generation

In 2003 her photographic work was honoured in the “Cultural Identities”, international photographic exhibition, a part of the “Days of Expression and Creation” festival in Thessalonica.